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Deviant Art Problem

July 26, 2008

Well, respectively, I’m referring to the DEVIANTS and not DeviantArt itself. So this happened to a friend of mine in DA. She got watch by a popular artist there (I’m not going to say who out of respect) who, by the way, I watch as well. I was on my friend’s page and I noticed that certain person’s name there. (let’s call this popular person by the name of NM k?) So then i was like, “Dude! Congrats on the watch of NM!!!” lol yeah, coz i find it really spazzy when an awesome artist watches you.


She was saying, “Ahh? she’s famous? :O ” I told her yes. BUT a few days or weeks after this she suddenly tells me that NM removed her from her watch list. And also says that sometimes people in DA do that. Watch you then remove you after awhile. This has happened to me too, but, honestly, never mind if that particular artist removes you after a long time, never mind, but after a few days? or a week max? I think for some artists, even famous/popular ones, and according to this friend of mine, it’s for the page views. D; I don’t mean all, but i refer to some. 


thing is also that my friend draws really well. So hearing that i was really wondering why that had happened. But urgh. Anyway… Has this happened to you guys before?