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May 18, 2008

Well, I don’t know anyone here TAT but hopefully I’ll get the hand of this. Loveless-tan desu! The header and my icon is done by me. I drew those too. orz. I’m not really good with all these blog things. Since I don’t really do these things to be frank with you. But anyway… 


Stuff you should know about me? I draw a lot. Anime and manga. And once in awhile, landscape pictures. *A* I like J-pop too if that helps. *Go Hey-Say 7!! D< * I’m also doing a sort-of manga. Of my OCs. Clytia and Krius. Though so far all i’ve done is the chapter one cover. And to add to that there’s absolutely no cover orz Mostly because i still have no title for it. 


8’D See? Don’t be fooled! D< It’s not the kind of manga you think it is. It’s… action/fantasy-ish… It revolves around Clytia(the girl) and Krius (the boy, yes, boy). They are brother and sister. She’s really protective of Krius. To an insane extent *A*… Hit on him and she will kill you. Literally. And believe me, she can. She’s a tough chick otl but she’s really nice to Krius. 


Wish me luck with this whole blog thing ne? Comments, friends, etc, are all appreciated ^^